A list of my current research interests, and projects that I am working upon!

Current Research

  • Genomic Dependencies in Cancer
    Cancer evolution is driven by the emergence and selection of genomic alterations. In a growing tumor, proliferating cancer cells accumulate alterations over time, some of which modify the tumor phenotype by conferring advantageous features. In evolutionary terms, these alterations are selected. Understanding which alterations are selected and in which contexts do they provide an advantage are urgent questions in cancer genomics. When two alterations influence each other likelihood of being selected, we say they are evolutionary dependent. The discovery of selected alterations and EDs has so far mostly focused on genetic variants targeting coding genes. Epigenetic alterations have been only partially analyzed, and recurrence-based approaches have been shown unsuitable to study non-coding mutations. Currently working on the expanding the previous work done by (Mina et al) to infer non-coding functional alterations and explore their associations with coding variants and functional phenotypes.